BE good and have fun!


If you have any issues or if you want to submit a question, problem, or complaint, please email

no anonymous hate mail, please.
Keep it civil and to the point.



This is an adult server, IF YOU can't act like a mature adult, you will be banned.

The rules are designed to make the most fun for everyone on the server.

Hacking, Cheating, using bugs or exploits is strictly prohibited. You WILL be banned.

If you seem a little too good AT COMBAT, admins will watch you like a hawk. You might be banned.


Players are very friendly, but if they kill you, most will likely let you /tpr to get your body.

Players typically build bases, loot rad towns, get in the occasional gun battle,
go offline raiding, sometimes online raiding. Friends and alliances are made.
tHIS ISn'T A BATTLEFIELD SERVER. it's a chill server, don't come here with typical rust bullshit.

We are here FOR CASUAL LONE WOLF PLAYERS and friends.
IF you're a hardcore player AND kos OFTEN, this server isn't for you. Play somewhere else.

Don't be a dick here. There are plenty of dick servers out there.  This isn't a dick server.

It will take time to understand what this server is about. Keep your head down while you learn.
DO NOT GRIEF.  Period.  this includes leaving walls or turrets inside a base you have raided.

If you are terrorizing someone for hours, and they ask you to kindly fuck off, leave.
Grief is defined as "Someone who intentionally attempts to degrade another's experience or torment them." Revenge may SOMETIMES SEEM LIKE grief, just keep this definitioN in mind.

If you're going to be pissed off after being raided, this isn't the server for you.
Whining, bitching and moaning will not be tolerated here. YOU GOT RAIDED. "SHIT HAPPENS".


4 maximum to a clan. This is to keep the lone wolf element intact.

You can have as many friends as you see fit. Just be aware, friends will have your door codes.


build wherever you like, caves, ICEBERGS, and in deep water (STAY ON THE MAP THOUGH, press M).

Do not USE high foundations anywhere to block entry, this is an exploit, don't do it.

Hiding loot inside foundations is also an exploit, don't do it.
Don't Lock your boxes, there's no point. they will be destroyed, and you will lose everything.

ALL turrets must be inside or on top of your base, and high walled in.

your turrets should NOT be shooting anyone that isn't raiding you.

The same goes for land mines and snap traps. no random traps!
 do NOT build a base so large that it lags players out (keep it well under 20x20).
You may build a few bases, just keep it to a reasonable number.
 Do NOT build in someone else's base and 'take it over'. Build your own.

Limit 5 quarries/pumpjacks per person/clan.
Limit 10 charcoal furnaces per PERSON.
Limit 50 turrets per base.
These limits help keep lag off the server, sorry for any inconvenience.


You may raid other players. But Don't go on a raiding spree, keep it to 2 each day.

You may not raid if you haven't built a base.

Max amount in a raid party is 5. Clan or friendly, whatever. no zergs allowed.

You can't "foundation raid" to make bases fall faster.  blast in and up and find cabinets.

don't completely level first floor walls either. THere's no need for that behavior.
DO NOT wall up or "fix" anything you've blown out, or put up doors with locks on them.
DO NOT despawn loot when raiding. Take what you want and leave.

Don't Lock your boxes, there's no point. they will be destroyed, and you will lose everything.

Don't leave anything behind that sara will have to come remove.

Don't clear cabinets, just auth yourself on them to build. If locked? oh well, kill it.

If you use turrets to protect from counter raiders, take them with you when you're done.

If you log in to find yourself being raided, it becomes an online raid. Deal with it.

If you are onlining someone for hours, and they ask you to kindly fuck off, leave.

Don't cause problems by raiding the same person/clan over and over. Raid once, then move on.


Counter raids happen, it's a thing in rUST, someone hears booms, they're gonna check it out.

You may counter raid any base being blown up, EXCEPT for my raidbases. (see more below)

PLEASE remove everything you build When raiding or counter raiding.

If you counter-raid someone, and use turrets to defend your position,

be sure to remove them when you're done.

RAIDING Sara's RaidBases:

Sara will put up raidbases for anyone to raid, first to find it calls available players up.

you basically walk up to it, it will be zoned out and tell you it's a raid base.

It will tell you how much loot there is for how many people.

The loot is split up into boxes, one box (or shelf unit) per person.

PVP is turned off in the raidbase zones, no counter-raiding allowed.

It's supposed to be FUN, work together to get to the loot.

Blast in and up to find tool cabinets, do not level it to make the loot fall.

Events and Combat:

There are [up to] nine events that will open every 10-20 minutes.

  Your location and inventory are saved,

and you are teleported to the arena when the game begins.

Please join events naked with nothing, events have been known to fuck up.

Do not team up with friends, the events are every man for himself.

In case you've never played a video game before, spawnkilling will not be tolerated.
If you see a sleeper during a game in an arena, turn around and run the other way.

Deathmatch - Choose which guns you want to use and fight to the death in an arena
Caveman - Everyone gets the Caveman weapons kit and fights in an outdoor arena
Cowboy - Everyone gets the WildWest weapons kit and fights in a western town
Rocket - Everyone gets the Rocketeer kit and fights with rocket launchers in an arena

SNiper - Everyone gets the sniper kit and fights to head shot each other in an arena

EOKA - Everyone gets the Eoka kit and fights to head shot each other in an arena

M249 - Everyone gets the M249 kit and fights to head shot each other in an arena
Medieval - Everyone gets the Medieval kit and fights to head shot each other in an arena
Pirate - Everyone gets the Pirate kit and fights to head shot each other in an arena