Still not convinced?

Here are some player testimonials:

 "I met sara from another server late spring of 2016, she was a no-nonsense admin there.
but that server was shutting down, so she decided to run her own server,
and I came along for the ride.

and i am glad i did, her upmost dedication and hard work produces the kind of server that keeps players coming back for more.

she even takes input from players and puts their ideas in the game.
There was a time donors had what seemed like a prison cell. i suggested a hotel and she gave it a shot and today its a 4 story hotel in paradise,  well done sara, keep up the great work."

- James Riker

"Top things I love about this server:

1) The plugins used in the server are incredibly fair,
makes it easy to prepare a good base on day 1 for the whole 2 week wipe. 

2)  The rules.  those who don't abide by them suffer the consequences for it
via hilarious, yet devastating air strikes. 

3)  The biggest one, the owner of the server, SubtleSara. 
She has over 5200 hours invested in the game, and accomodates all players and their needs.

4) If you are a donor, you receive special additional accomodations, perks, and do not have to suffer the purge of your base wiping for inactivity. 
You even get your own suite, in an unraidable hotel.  Even a has a snackbar!

things I hate about the server:

  1) Sometimes there is betrayal, and assholes who do not care about you and raid you, or kill you on sight.

2)  Lack of additional Admins, or rarely see them on.
The only One dedicated is SubtleSara, who is on all the time, even in RCON.
But when there isnt, there is chaos on the server. 
It would seem people find themselves banned once she figures out who done what.

3)  People who join the server, that don't read the rules.

4) Although its a first come first serve, finding a site to build/defend takes a while because someone has already claimed the land.
also, The more people on the server, the more unstable the server becomes."

- Siouxicide

"This server has to have the most welcoming group I've ever seen on rust.
I never really played modded Rust much before and they are helping me adjust to it.
Showing me new base designs, and giving pointers every time we do something wrong.
Everytime I needed help with something, one of the regulars has been able to come to my aid.
Everything from designing bases to learning how to raid better.
This has to be one of the best places to make long lasting memories in Rust.
Come join us!"

- Grigor

What you receive for your tier 1 $10 donation:

A room in the hotel, can't be raided by anyone. 
ONE chest, two furnaces, and a bed.

Recycler, Workbench, and Scrap Table on the hotel roof.

Your name on the auto purge excluded list.
(auto purge is not currently in use for weekly wipes)

Access to the Helicopter tower.

What you receive for your tier 2 $20 donation:

All of Tier 1 above, and:

ACCESS to Sign Artist (/sil)

Access to Who Owns (/prod)
(Please note: this does not include access to code locks)

your own kit, with the new skinned clothes, tools, food and meds in it.

(this may change, to prevent abuse)

All of Tier 1 and 2 above, and:

Access to Jpipes
(an extremely handy automatic pump jack/quarry/furnace tool)

Access to Skins
(do /reskin and place item in the Box to pick a skin)

10 teleport homes instead of 5
(this is subject to change, it's OP)


When you click the DONATE button below, it will redirect you to Paypal.

Select "Send to friends and family"

SEND $10 or $20 or $30 DONATIONS TO

PLEASE put your in-game name in the description box
so I know who donated.

wHEN YOU DONATE You get these perks for the life of this server.
And get yourself a new ROOM IN THE HOTEL.
No refunds if you get yourself banned.

"Why should I donate to a Rust server?
I already paid for the game."

A couple reasons:

Custom Rust servers Use a server hosting service,
and hosting fees here cost a whopping $70 a month.

If you really like this server you play on all the time, great!
Why not chip in $10 or $20 or $30 for hosting fees?

The developers of OXIDE plugins work full time to make
the plugins used on modded servers.
SO I make sure that 10% of every donation is given to
Oxide plugin developers to make their time worth it.

Facepunch is constantly "making things better" a.k.a. breaking shit.
Server owners have to constantly check for updated versions of plugins.
This can be time consuming, and irritating when Face Punch breaks something,
especially with 70+ plugins used.

A lot goes into making a great server great. If you appreciate it, throw us all a bone!