Q: How often does this server wipe?
Every 9, 10, or 11 days, depending on when forced wipe hits us. View your welcome notes.

Q: How do I set home, then tp to set homes?
Do /sethome nameofhome, then /home nameofhome

Q: What do I get for donating?
Check the donate tab in /info.

Q: Why cant I PVP or raid upon a fresh wipe?
Players get 6+ hours to gather, loot radtowns, and build a base before PVP and raiding begins.

Q:  Are there Zlevels?
Yes, they are just not shown on your hud, for lag reasons.

Q: How do people have guns so fast?
If you can't easily find a gun in crates or barrels, check /shop.

Q: Why wont this NPC die?
Most NPCs need to be killed with a gun. Otherwise, it might be bugged. Happens.

Q: How do I get kits?
Do /kit and view the list of kits, then /kit nameofkit

Q: I got killed, how do I get my stuff back?
Ask to be TP'd back, do /tpr name, or /where to find your body by yourself.

Q: How do I get scrap?
NPCs carry a significant amount of scrap on them, do /rwarp random to find them.

Q: Wanna come see my base?

No, I really don't. I'll see it in my fly-by.

Q: Why are NPCs so hard to find?
They aren't. You just have to hunt them.

Q: How did (my enemy) find my base?
Check the Donate tab, tier 2 donors get /prod, to find who they want to raid or NOT raid.

Q: Is this a pay to win server?

No. Conveniences are provided to donors that normal players could have if they tried.

Q: Why is this server so weird/different/pussy?
We are tired of the Vanilla rust construct. Rules make it fun again.

Q: Why doesn't M work?
Hit F1 and type: bind m LMUI_Control map

Q: How do I become an admin?
You don't. Admins are chosen, not applied for.

Q: Why are these high walls not taking vanilla damage?
High externals are buffed to armored walls, 8 C4 + a rocket will take one out now.

Q: Why is someone flying?
Because Sara doesn't play, she gets to fly.

Q: Why is thIS HACKER I’m shooting at flying around and not dying?
Because Sara doesn't play, she gets to fly.

Q: I jumped on some weird half wall thing from a quarry, why'd I get kicked?
Because the game doesn't recognize how JPipes are being used, it will kick you.

Q: What are jpipes?
A donor priviledge that automates quarries and furnaces to box up your items neatly.

Q: How many people per clan?
4 in a clan, active or inactive.

Q: 4 people per clan like at a time or all together?
I literally just said. 4 in a clan, active or inactive, choose your members wisely.

Q: How do I talk in game?
Get a headset, and press V to talk in game.

Q: Can solos survive on this server?
Absolutely, if you read the signs in the welcome center where you first spawned.

Q: Who can I ask for help?
Anyone. We're a helpful community.

Q: Why should I read through all of the rules?
Because if you don't, you might get banned.

Q: What is the money for at the bottom of my screen?
Economics. Do /shop to explore.

Q: How do I get access to the discord channel?

https://discord.gg/TXj48w2 (Case sensitive)

Q: Why shouldn't I use doors?
Because we have teleport. You can set several TPs around your compound.

Q: Why do I get raided every night?
Because you built a tiny base, and used doors, doors take 1-3 C4, armored walls take 8 C4.

Q: How do I build smarter?
Watch some YouTubes on it. no one can tell you how to build smarter except you.

Q: Why can't I find an hqm quarry?
Try the snow biome.

Q: Why wont my pump/quarry set?
It doesn't have enough room around it, or is too close to a cave.

Q: What does failed sphere test mean?
Means try to place it somewhere else.

Q: What do the numbers on the note from survey charge mean?
Good question. Maybe YouTube it.

Q: Sara are you a girl or a guy?
Obviously female, how many dudes you know call themselves Sara.

Q: Is there decay?
No Decay here. Plugins and server commands prevent this.

Q: Do I need to put resources in my cupboards to upkeep with decay?
NO. Put nothing in cabinets, it will get eaten regardless of NoDecay.